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Government Waste in the Ether

Government Waste in the Ether

Proving that the Federal Government can waste money in the ether the White House began their all out assault against waste…by announcing a plan to cut .gov websites by closing or consolidating 25% of their 2,000 websites. They are also scrapping plans for any new ones. This shows the American citizenry how many pressure groups and special interests have their claws on our government: 2,000 websites! Did you you ever think that your government Desert Tortoiseshad so much to say. They have sights for everything under the sun, and the moon: desert tortoises, polar animals and a quintet of U.S. Forest Service rangers who tour the country playing the fiddle. Can you imagine the breadth of subjects and the immense cost of this massive boondoggle. After the “Fiddlin’ Foresters” were exposed their site was immediately shut down.

The Vice-President Joe Biden, our Cabinet secretaries and agency watchdogs will meet regularly to track progress and review quarterly spending reports. No wonder John Nance Garner, one of Roosevelt’s Vice Presidents said that the Vice-Presidency was “not worth a bucket of warm piss.” So let’s get this straight. The country is in the midst of the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression, careening towards insolvency and we have a high-level group of government officials discussing the elimination of websites on these esoteric subjects and more. Can I make a suggestion? Start by telling all departments and agencies that they can only have one website. This should thin the herd a bit. Then consolidate them until we have maybe 100.

One more thing. No one wants to tell us how much the American taxpayer is paying for all this. My guess is that they would ask for a website to track that.

For those of you didn’t get to listen to the “Fiddlin’ Foresters” before their site was deep-sixed here’s a sample of their work, a snappy tune called “Eight More Miles”.  After all you did pay for it.

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