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Is the IRS in over its head?

IRS Enforcer cartoonApparently, the Internal Revenue Service is in over its head. Starting with their suppression of tea party groups and other conservative organizations back in 2009, it seems that their plate has been full. The IRS’ suppression swung the 2012 election to Obama, according to a number of observers.

The IRS is so overwhelmed with tasks that it’s become clearer that their future role in ObamaCare is asking for trouble. How can they be expected to enforce the tax side of the healthcare law when they don’t even check where they’re sending refunds?

In 2012 the IRS sent $4 billion to identity thieves filing fraudulent tax returns, according to a recent report released by Treasury Inspector General J. Russell George the IRS.

“Identity theft continues to be a serious problem with devastating consequences for taxpayers and an enormous impact on tax administration,” George said in the statement. “Undetected tax refund fraud results in significant unintended Federal outlays and erodes taxpayer confidence in the Federal tax system.”

George is no favorite of the Obama administration or their allies in the Democrat Party since his audit that detailed the IRS’ targeting of Tea Party groups. His audit revealed that the IRS subjected conservative groups to extra delays and unconstitutional scrutiny.

This included asking Christian groups to provide “both sides of the issues” and detail the content of their members’ prayers, while withholding approvals and slow-walking applications.

Meanwhile, the Internal Revenue Service’s ‘friends’ over at CBS News reported that they sent 343 tax refunds to a single address in Shanghai, and another 655 tax refunds to another in Lithuania.

And in 2011, a statement detailing a similar report filed by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration found 1.1 million fraudulent tax returns were filed with clearly fabricated Social Security numbers that IRS could have detected, costing taxpayers $3.6 billion in 2011.

Approximately 2.8 million taxpayers were affected by the IRS’s failure to catch identity thieves from 2012 to 2013, the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration found. This time frame that with the  agency’s aggressive harassment of conservative groups and its efforts to cull them from the political herd as the 2012 election carried on.

The IRS has become the Obama administration’s enforcer when it comes to their opponents, particularly those who want ObamaCare defunded. It was this type of illegal use of the federal tax collector that contributed to the demise of Richard M. Nixon.

The first step in rehabilitating this seemingly rogue agency should be their removal as the ObamaCare enforcer. It would go a long way in rehabilitating them in the eyes of American taxpayers. The simple fix to mailing refunds to suspicious locations is nothing more than a programming fix that holds them for hand inspection.

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