Virginia Farmer Hopes to Get Conservation Group Off Her Back

This is the harrowing story of one Virginia farmer who has gone through hell at the hands of the Piedmont Environmental Council, her county government’s officials and several of her neighbors. This story by Kevin Mooney was first published in The Daily Signal. Martha Boneta (Photo: Patrick Frank/Patchbay Media) Virginia farmer Martha Boneta’s desire to Continue Reading

Using the IRS for Political Means

It was recently revealed by Cause of Action that they have reason to believe the Obama White House has requested and received tax returns from the Internal Revenue Service. Hard on the heels of the Lois Lerner targeting of Tea Party and conservative groups means that the nation’s tax collector has become an arm of Continue Reading

Maine threatened for requiring photo IDs for food stamps

Recently the US Department of Agriculture sent a threatening letter to the State of Maine about their requirement that food stamp recipients show a photo ID. Maine is attempting to curb food stamp abuse by this requirement. But the entire Obama administration is obsessed with the use of photo identification for any number of tasks. Continue Reading

Agribusiness’ Outrageous Subsidies

During the debate on the Farm Bill the American taxpayers were promised that the new agribusiness subsidies would save money. Where have we heard this before? Oh yes, Obamacare promised to bend the curve. Well it didn’t and neither will the agribusiness subsidies for farmers. American farmers are not only reaping a bountiful harvest of corn Continue Reading

Nice work if you can get it

A recent audit of the Environmental Protection Agency revealed that eight employees were paid more than $1 million to stay home on paid leave. Four of the eight were off for at least a year while two are in their second year collecting their salaries for not working. The total cost to taxpayers was $1,096,868 Continue Reading

IRS Also Mismanages Information Technology

So you thought that the Internal Revenue Service was only guilty of targeting Tea Party and conservative groups? Well guess again. The IRS has been reported in a scathing audit to be guilt of mismanaging information technology. Despite having a $1.8 billion budget the audit claims that the nation’s tax collector cannot properly manage the flood Continue Reading

Let the investigations begin

With the Republican victory on Election Day also comes the thing that the Obama administration fears the most: the dreaded joint committees of investigation. And believe me when I say that they plenty to investigate. The Obama administration has been able to stonewall the Congress because the Republicans controlled only the House. Now that they Continue Reading

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