(10)Government Waste, Fraud and Abuse - Part 10

A Pattern of Waste, Fraud and Abuse at the EPA

The Environmental Protection Agency has recently been in the news with a number of diktats from on high that personify overreaching government at it’s worst. The EPA’s main line of attack has been it’s war against carbon. Translate that into their war against coal. Here’s a post from Dr. Richard Swier at http://watchdogwire.com/ that examines the Continue Reading

The War on Whistleblowers

Over the past year or two we have written about the Obama administration’s war on whistleblowers. They have carried a scorched earth policy against anyone who has leaked cases of waste, fraud and abuse to the media. They have terminated the employment of people, pursued them in court and attempted to destroy their lives. And Continue Reading

Gaming the System: Fraud and Abuse in the Federal Government

The Federal establishment is huge with millions of employees, some of whom know how to game the system for their own benefit. There is the well known case of fake spy John Beale, a movie-worthy drama about a high-ranking EPA official who fooled co-workers for years and swindled the government out of hundreds of thousands of Continue Reading

Gaming the system at the VA

As more detailed are revealed about the patient scheduling scandal at the Veterans Administration, it has become clearer that VA bureaucrats carried out a regular system of gaming the system in order to earn bonuses. VA scheduling clerks were indoctrinated into an elaborate system of making it appear that veterans were seen by doctors within Continue Reading

Obama joins the food fight

But it isn’t Barack, it’s his wife Michelle who is campaigning to maintain the Federal government’s iron grip on our children’s food choices in school. Michelle Obama is stepping into a high-profile legislative battle in the battle of school-lunch standards. The Federal government has taken a tenuous hold of school-lunch menus but the government is Continue Reading

A Plethora of Anti-Poverty Programs

The Federal government has a nearly 100 programs to fight poverty. The programs have a budget of $800 billion per year. Ronald Reagan once said that America fought a war on poverty and poverty won. Now, Paul Ryan (R-WI) seems to be leading the current Republican charge to reform the federal anti-poverty programs. Ryan, the Republican Party’s Continue Reading

The Black Hole at the IRS

The Internal Revenue Service is in a world of hurt. Beset on the one hand by the scandal that involves targeting of Tea Party and conservative groups, they now are being attack for paying out billions of dollars in bogus tax credits the poor under the Earned Income Tax Credit. A report from the Treasury’s Inspector General for Continue Reading

How to waste money: The ObamaCare State Exchanges

While everyone was focused on the constant changes, adjustments and deletions that Barack Obama was making to his signature health insurance program, six states were wasting hundreds of millions of dollars on non-functional state exchanges. Four states, Massachusetts, Oregon, Nevada and Maryland, were rabid supporters of ObamaCare and all four chose to set up their own state Continue Reading

Regulations are crushing the U.S. economy

In our collective guts, we all know that government regulations are crushing the U.S. economy. The Federal government spent $3.5 trillion last year but regulations added an additional $1.86 trillion on top of that. Our regulatory burden is slightly more than Canada’s GDP for all of 2011. When these two figures are added together they Continue Reading