Cruising the Web on the taxpayer’s dime

From time to time I receive tips from disenchanted government employees. Recently, I received a tip from one such worker who will remain anonymous. I will also not reveal the department that he works in since the Obama administration tends to ‘shoot the messenger’. Our whistleblower has revealed that his fellow employees are ‘stealing’ your Continue Reading

VA dishes up fraud, waste

Witnesses from the Department of Veterans Affairs appear at a Veterans Affairs Committee hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington, Monday, Nov. 2, 2015. (AP Photo/Molly Riley)× For connoisseurs of public fraud, waste and abuse — a melancholy but necessary obsession in a democracy — the federal government is the gift that sadly keeps on giving. Continue Reading

When government accidentally spends too much, everyone pays

By The Washington Post Editorial Board October 18 ONE OF the little-told success stories of President Obama’s first term was the steady decline in improper payments by federal agencies. Specifically, this measure of mismanagement declined from $120.6 billion (3.5 cents of every dollar spent) in fiscal 2010 to $105.8 billion (2.7 cents per dollar spent) in fiscal Continue Reading

Great Moments in Federal Government Insanity

My first instinct, when arguing against higher taxes, is to pontificate about the negative impact of high marginal tax rates and punitive effect of double taxation on saving and investment. Those are very legitimate concerns, and they’re the obvious things for an economist to highlight. But I’m going to confess that my main motive for fighting Continue Reading

Government Investigation Tricks or Treats

Our ghoulish government is using its investigative powers to give tricks to private employers and treats to government agencies. The Department of Labor issued a judge-less warrant called an “administrative subpoena” to trucking company Lasership demanding the cell phone numbers of all of its drivers. The DoL claimed it is investigating whether Lasership is classifying workers Continue Reading

GAO: Safety net programs account for billions in improper payments

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch, R-Utah (shown here in a July 27, 2015, photo), says that only 29 percent of more than 440 GAO recommendations designed to cut waste and improper payments have been fully addressed. Susan Walsh AP WASHINGTON Three health and safety net programs for the poor and elderly accounted for most Continue Reading

California’s Drought: Not an Environmental Problem. An Environmentalist Problem

SACRAMENTO, Calif.—I was walking through downtown Sacramento recently when raindrops started falling. People on the street stopped dead in their tracks, looked up at the sky, and began acting giddy. “What’s that?” I asked a man. “I think it’s something called rain,” he responded. Such is the gallows humor in a state that hasn’t seen substantial Continue Reading

Medicare Paid $30M for Ambulance Rides Where No Services Were Performed

IG: Medicare vulnerable to fraud involving ambulance transports  Medicare paid out tens of millions for ambulance rides in which beneficiaries did not receive services, according a new government watchdog audit. The inspector general of Health and Human Services released a report Tuesday that details questionable billing practices from ambulance suppliers, an area that is considered Continue Reading

EPA Spent $92 Million on Luxury Furniture

There’s already enough scandals the EPA’s involved in, from the new water rule to the Animas River disaster to the Volkswagen controversy Moe discussed yesterday. The agency has proven itself to be adept at finding ways to waste taxpayer money. This latest story only continues that habit, but to me, it stands out for its egregiousness. The Continue Reading

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