Is this a waste of your money or what?

A brief story in The Washington Post detailed the awarding of contracts on the latest space taxis to mighty Boeing and upstart SpaceX. The program is scheduled for completion in 2017 in order for the United States to resume deliveries of astronauts to the International Space Station. At this point we are paying the Russian Space Continue Reading

“High Risk” Security Problems with Obamacare Internet Site

Here’s post from Judicial Watch with a synopsis of their ongoing investigation about the security of the Healthcare.gov website. Less than one month before Healthcare.gov rollout, top Obama administration official highlights risks of malicious code being uploaded into the system through Excel macros; other “high risk” findings. (Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch today released 94 Continue Reading

Drowning in a regulatory swamp

Over the last half-decade the United States has been subjected to an ever-increasing swamp of rules, regulations and unfunded mandates. In case you’re not aware this morass has inflicted a huge financial burden on state, local and municipal governments, in addition to ordinary citizens and businesses. Let’s face it the administrative state is out of Continue Reading

The Federal Bagpipe Police and other TSA Insanities

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has a long list of lethal and non-lethal items that passengers are prohibited from bringing on planes. They range from guns to knives to explosives, which all makes sense in light of the terrorist threat today. But recently humorist and conservative commentator Mark Steyn wrote about two young men’s attempt Continue Reading

Wasting Money on Public Relations

The Federal government spends billions of dollars on public relations, advertising and just plain propaganda. And all of the money comes from the taxpayers. Every department and agency is spending money to ‘get their message out.’ And why do they do it? To keep their jobs by promoting their departments. Here are some examples of Continue Reading

Some things to think about on Labor Day

Here’s post that I wrote in February of 2013. On this labor Day of 2014 it bears repeating. Did you catch the story about the owner of Titan International, Morry “The Grizz” Taylor asking Arnaud Montebourg, the French Minister of Productive Renewal, “Do you think that we are that stupid?”  The question was a reply to Montebourg insistence that negotiations between Continue Reading

Common Healthcare Fraud

By the end of 2014 healthcare spending will reach an incredible $4 trillion. Despite all of the safeguards on both public and private spending billions are lost to waste, fraud and abuse. In the public sector between $60 and $80 billion is lost to waste, fraud and abuse. The FBI estimates the actual fraud at the Continue Reading

‘Scootering’ all of the way to the bank

The Medicare program has been a target for scammers since its inception in 1965. Congress created Medicare under Title XVIII of the Social Security Act to provide health insurance to people age 65 and older, regardless of income or medical history. Doctors billed the program for exams that they did’t give. Millions of dollars were paid out to Continue Reading