(10)Government Waste, Fraud and Abuse - Part 10

Regulations are crushing the U.S. economy

In our collective guts, we all know that government regulations are crushing the U.S. economy. The Federal government spent $3.5 trillion last year but regulations added an additional $1.86 trillion on top of that. Our regulatory burden is slightly more than Canada’s GDP for all of 2011. When these two figures are added together they Continue Reading

Planes, Trains and Tunnels

Waste doesn’t just happen at the federal level. It happens at every level of American government everyday. Waste is a monument to the disregard that both elected and unelected officials hold for the American taxpayer. Let’s look at the ongoing saga of the F-35, a plane that all of our services just had to have. Continue Reading

What the heck is going on at the IRS?

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is fighting a war on the American people on several fronts. Let’s look at their war on the American people. First, we know that the IRS carried on an aggressive war against Tea Party and conservative organizations. They did this by harassing applicants for non-profit status under the tax code. Continue Reading

The Problems with Abengoa Solar

This is a rather long post from Marita Noon at http://dailycaller.com/ about a complicated subject: Abengoa Solar. The post covers the company’s connections to the Obama administration and the financial support that the administration has extended to this Spanish company. After a public meeting on Tuesday, April 15 in Palm Desert, California, the California Energy Commission Continue Reading

The IRS Inquisition: One Patriot’s Experience

Not all waste, fraud and abuse in the Federal government includes monetary damages, tax fraud or theft. Some abuse is perpetrated upon the citizens of the United States by its own government. Using the incredible powers of government, American citizens are being targeted and punished by their own government One such experience of an American Continue Reading

The Worst ObamaCare State Exchanges: Maryland

It’s no coincidence that the two largest state exchange disasters occurred in the bluest of the blue states. In our last post we discussed the on-going financial disaster in Oregon with the Cover Oregon exchange. This one comes complete with a federal investigation to find out where the money went. The Cover Oregon exchange was forced Continue Reading

The Worst ObamaCare State Exchanges: Cover Oregon

The Obama administration hoped that the majority of states would set up their own exchanges, thus absolving the Federal government of the onerous task. But if wishes were horses we would all be riding. Instead, only fourteen states and the District of Columbia will take on the task themselves for 2014. The rest opted for Continue Reading

Some Big Ticket Waste Items in the Federal Government

Like the poor, it seems that government waste, fraud and abuse will be with us always. As soon as we plug up one hole that is leaking millions and billions of dollars three more appear. The Federal government has an army of Inspectors General but sometimes it seems that we’re looking in the wrong spots. Continue Reading

ObamaCare: Numbers to know and numbers to show

President Obama accompanied by his sidekick, Joe Biden, spiked the football in the Rose Garden when he announced that 7.1 people had enrolled in his signature health insurance scam, the Affordable Care Act. But just saying the magic number doesn’t stop the questions about the composition and validity of the enrollees. Remember that there are Continue Reading

Barack Obama’s War on Energy

The recent troubles in Ukraine have once more brought America’s dysfunctional energy policies to the forefront. Since the end of the 1973 Arab oil embargo the United States has struggled over creating a coherent energy policy. As a nation we have zigzagged down the road when it comes to an energy policy. With each change Continue Reading