Republicans can cut government waste

Originally touted a decade ago as an essential update to antiquated air traffic management concepts and capabilities, nearly $2 billion has been spent on the Federal Aviation Administration’s ‘NextGen’ program in the personification of government waste. (AP Photo/Kathy Willens, File) Fighting corruption and waste in our government has animated Republican voters for years. But for Continue Reading

Modern Technology May Prevent Fraud, Waste and Abuse

A new report suggests that using modern technology like predictive analytics, behavioral economics and collective intelligence can help to prevent fraud, waste and abuse in a holistic way. What’s worse than not having enough funding in public service and government agencies? Unnecessarily losing funds due to waste, fraud and abuse. In fact, estimates show that Continue Reading

House Republicans: change the way agencies make rules

House Republicans want to increase transparency in the process federal agencies use to make rules. But their Democratic colleagues say it would have the opposite effect, decreasing the amount of information agencies release to the public. H.R. 5226 would require an agency to publish online every public communication it makes regarding a proposed rule, along Continue Reading

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