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Stupid Government Bureaucrats

Government BureaucratThese days stupid government bureaucrats are not limited to one country or the other. They have taken root on both sides of the Atlantic with stupid government policies in both the United States and Great Britain. Here are a sampling of several of the strange decisions that are being made by government bureaucrats in both countries.

Out in San Diego, an 11-year old science prodigy brought a motion-detector to school as his science project. The project was made of an empty half-liter Gatorade bottle with some wires and other electrical components attached. There was no substance inside.

School authorities immediately overreacted calling in the bomb squad and putting the school on lockdown. The authorities sent a unit to the boy’s home where they inspected the garage and house for signs of explosives. The student will not be prosecuted, but authorities were recommending that he and his parents get counseling, the spokesman said.

Meanwhile, over in the U.K., two academics proposed outlawing photographs of skinny Skinny Modelsmodels. They believe that images of underweight fashion models promotes eating disorders, such as anorexia.

In a paper that will be published in the journal Economia later this year, LSE economist Dr Joan Costa-Font and Professor Mireia Jofre-Bonet from City University wrote: “Government intervention would be justified to curb the spread of a potential epidemic of food disorders.

Back to California with our next stupid bureaucratic order. In San Francisco, a local politician pushed through legislation banning restaurants like McDonald’s from including toys in happy meals. Talk about the Grinch who stole Christmas. Well, then again, he is probably trying to ban Christmas, too.

Starter's Pistols BannedNot to be outdone, one local council in Great Britain has banned the use of starter’s pistols at sporting events. Their reasoning: We were told that the children would be distressed by Mr Bell firing his starting pistol. “Anyone who believes they would be frightened by a starting pistol has never experienced the noise at a typical three-year-old’s birthday party,”  said Norman Gardiner, president of the Pitreavie Amateur Athletics Club in Dunfermline, said the decision was “health and safety gone mad.”

In politically- correct Maryland, we have two stories of stupid government bureaucrats. In the first example, Maryland health officials issued a new policy in 2011 that ordered summer camp operators to steer away from assisting kids with applying sunscreen and to get parents’ permission before letting any child use sunscreen at camp.

The second example involved Montgomery County government, the most liberal and inane in the state. I’m not making this up. It was reported in February 2011. “Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett is pushing for a state law that would allow the suburb to ban all roadside solicitation without a permit.” Imagine the bureaucracies that could be created, the Department of Bums.

If you thought this was insane, in Greece there was a report that it took a group of entrepreneurs ten months to open an online store. “Antonopoulos and his partners spent hours collecting papers from tax offices, the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the municipal service where the company is based, the health inspector’s office, the fire department and banks. At the health department, they were told that all the shareholders of the company would have to provide chest X-rays, and, in the most surreal demand of all, stool samples.”


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