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Planes, Trains and Tunnels

Waste doesn’t just happen at the federal level. It happens at every level of American government everyday. Waste is a monument to the disregard that both elected and unelected officials hold for the American taxpayer. Let’s look at the ongoing saga of the F-35, a plane that all of our services just had to have. Continue Reading

California’s High Speed Rail slowed to a crawl

The California High Speed Rail has hit several more snags due to two court rulings by Sacramento Superior Court Judge Michael Kenny on November 25. “The Judge’s ruling will prevent the [California High-Speed Rail] Authority from spending bond measure funds for construction until the funding plan is brought into compliance,” said Michael Brady co- lead Continue Reading

California High-Speed Rail Still Going Nowhere

Yesterday, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood testified at the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee hearing on California high-speed rail. On the occasion of his 67th birthday, Mr. LaHood pressed lawmakers to release funding for the controversial train to nowhere. We’ve written on this subject on a number of occasions. The high-speed rail project, once estimated to cost Continue Reading

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