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IRS still doing business with tax deadbeats

Who’s afraid of the taxman? Apparently, some of the vendors of IRS are not afraid of the nation’s taxman. A recent audit found that the IRS was owed about $589 million by 1,168 IRS vendors as of July 2012. When the nation’s tax collector cannot even collect taxes that are owed by its own vendors, can Continue Reading

Our Wasteful Tax System

The United States has one of the most wasteful tax systems in the world. While other countries have adopted the flat tax, we continue to use an antiquated system that costs untold amounts of money to fill out and enforce. Across the globe countries from Abkhazia to the Ukraine have adopted the flat tax. This Continue Reading

The Obama Tax (and Pork) Bill of 2013

Like a hangover on the morning after, America is waking up today with the realization that the Obama Tax (and Pork) Bill of 2013 is more than just an increase in taxes for the top bracket. Remember that this is considered a small deal by Washington’s standards. First and foremost, we have the rise in Continue Reading

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