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IRS Costs Taxpayers $46 Million in Suspect Refunds

‘Taxpayers have every right to be outraged by the dysfunction at the IRS,’ Rep. Diane Black, R-Tenn., said. (Photo: iStock Photo) The IRS incorrectly issued more than $46 million in refunds for tax year 2013, government inspectors discovered. The Treasury Department released an internal audit Monday faulting a computer programming error and ineffective monitoring for the tens Continue Reading

The IRS is at it again and again and again

You would think that IRS officials would understand that their agency’s reputation is now mud in the eyes of the American people. After the targeting scandals and Lois Lerner’s Fifth Amendment show by now they should understand America’s perception of them. But no! John Koskinen, Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service, seems to be tone-deaf Continue Reading

Using the IRS for Political Means

It was recently revealed by Cause of Action that they have reason to believe the Obama White House has requested and received tax returns from the Internal Revenue Service. Hard on the heels of the Lois Lerner targeting of Tea Party and conservative groups means that the nation’s tax collector has become an arm of Continue Reading

IRS Also Mismanages Information Technology

So you thought that the Internal Revenue Service was only guilty of targeting Tea Party and conservative groups? Well guess again. The IRS has been reported in a scathing audit to be guilt of mismanaging information technology. Despite having a $1.8 billion budget the audit claims that the nation’s tax collector cannot properly manage the flood Continue Reading

Stolen identity refund fraud is costing us big money

One of the biggest tax scams according to the Internal Revenue Service is stolen identity refund fraud, also known as identity tax refund fraud. This is how it works. Someone steals your identity, files a bogus tax return in your name before you do and collects a refund check from the IRS. It’s so simple, you Continue Reading

The Black Hole at the IRS

The Internal Revenue Service is in a world of hurt. Beset on the one hand by the scandal that involves targeting of Tea Party and conservative groups, they now are being attack for paying out billions of dollars in bogus tax credits the poor under the Earned Income Tax Credit. A report from the Treasury’s Inspector General for Continue Reading

What the heck is going on at the IRS?

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is fighting a war on the American people on several fronts. Let’s look at their war on the American people. First, we know that the IRS carried on an aggressive war against Tea Party and conservative organizations. They did this by harassing applicants for non-profit status under the tax code. Continue Reading

IRS still doing business with tax deadbeats

Who’s afraid of the taxman? Apparently, some of the vendors of IRS are not afraid of the nation’s taxman. A recent audit found that the IRS was owed about $589 million by 1,168 IRS vendors as of July 2012. When the nation’s tax collector cannot even collect taxes that are owed by its own vendors, can Continue Reading

Is the IRS in over its head?

Apparently, the Internal Revenue Service is in over its head. Starting with their suppression of tea party groups and other conservative organizations back in 2009, it seems that their plate has been full. The IRS’ suppression swung the 2012 election to Obama, according to a number of observers. The IRS is so overwhelmed with tasks Continue Reading

Lies Obama Told Us: Protecting Whistleblowers

There was a famous Broadway play entitles “Lies My Mother Told Me“. We now have a more modern adaptation from Barack Obama entitled “Lies Obama Told Us.” The current act in the so-far 4 1/2 year run concerns the once laudable goal of protecting whistleblowers that come forward in an attempt to shed light on Continue Reading

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