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FCC Commissioner: Told to Keep Quiet on Obamaphone Fraud

Remember the Obamaphone, technically the Lifeline program, which subsidizes mobile service for low-income Americans? FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai is now speaking out about how he and other commissioners were told to keep quiet about a massive fraud investigation involving the program until the day after a controversial vote to expand the program. “On March 31st, Continue Reading

The Waste, Fraud and Abuse of Obamaphone Continues

The Lifeline phone program, often referred to as Obamaphone continues with an ever-increasing cost. In four short years it has soared from $819 million to $2.2 billion. The program was begun in 1984 to ensure that poor people aren’t cut off from jobs, families and emergency services due to inability to pay for phone service. It’s Continue Reading

The ‘Obama Phones’ and other Taxpayer Giveaways

The Obama administration has found new and increasingly creative ways of buying votes during this Presidential election year. One of the real doozies is the ‘Obama Phone’. And his campaign didn’t have to pay one red cent for it. In fact, free cell phones and free talk time to people with low income as well Continue Reading

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