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Government-Run Healthcare: Not-so-Great Moments

Government intervention has messed up the healthcare sector, leading to needlessly high prices and massive inefficiency. Fixing the mess won’t be easy since it would involve addressing several contributing problems, including Medicare, Medicaid, the healthcare exclusion in the tax code, Obamacare, and the mess at the Veterans Administration. But at least we know the right solutions. Continue Reading

GAO: Safety net programs account for billions in improper payments

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch, R-Utah (shown here in a July 27, 2015, photo), says that only 29 percent of more than 440 GAO recommendations designed to cut waste and improper payments have been fully addressed. Susan Walsh AP WASHINGTON Three health and safety net programs for the poor and elderly accounted for most Continue Reading

Fraud Fest in D.C.

It seems that almost everyday there’s a report of yet another case of fraud against one or another Federal entitlement program. If it isn’t Medicare or Medicaid then it’s food stamps, unemployment or disability. Federal entitlement programs have become a magnet for scammers, con artists and cheaters by the car load. Like bees to honey, Continue Reading

A Gusher of Overpayments

The Federal government is wasting money in every department but the really big waste is coming from a gusher in overpayments. According to a report from National Review Online the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid sent over $100 billion to the wrong recipients in 2012. Medicare fee-for-service, Medicare Advantage, and Medicaid top the chart and combine Continue Reading

ObamaCare is the Biggest Insurance Scam in History

Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act is turning into the biggest insurance scam in American history. ObamaCare was supposed to insure the uninsurable and those that could not afford insurance. Instead, we are now seeing an unfolding disaster across America. The insurance companies who were supposed to benefit with increasing levels of customers helped to write Continue Reading

ObamaCare=Fewer Doctors

While ObamaCare flounders through its first month we are seeing critics point out some serious issues with both the website and the program behind it. The most obvious issue is the non-functionality of the website itself. The several million who have seen their current policies being cancelled are beginning to panic. Even if they wanted Continue Reading

ObamaCare is a Prescription for Fraud

While Senators Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and their allies are waging what appears to be a hopeless fight in their attempt to defund ObamaCare, many of their Republican colleagues are stabbing them in the back in the anonymity of leaks and character assassination in the cloakrooms of the Senate. All of these attempts to allow Continue Reading

Will There Be Fraud With Obamacare’s Lack Of Income Verification?

As Obamacare’s startup date for the individual mandate approaches, the focus has become the lack of income verification for subsidies. Under new rules published by HHS federally operated exchanges still will verify such information beginning in 2014, but states operating their own exchanges can wait until 2015 to do so Under the Affordable Care Act, individuals Continue Reading

Wisconsin Waste

Wisconsin Waste A recent report commissioned by Wisconsin Governor, Scott Walker, detailed $267 million of waste in government programs in the state. The interesting things is that most of the waste is in programs that are under the auspices of the Federal government. Here’s a breakdown of the waste that was identified. By far the Continue Reading

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