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Obamacare execs broke the law and cost taxpayers billions

Just how far did the Obama administration go to keep its failing signature program afloat? According to a new report from the Government Accountability Office, its Health and Human Services Department execs broke the law to bail out insurers participating in the health-insurance exchanges established by the Affordable Care Act. In doing so, it took Continue Reading

ObamaCare ripe for fraud while government yawns

A new report alleges the Obama administration has taken a “passive” approach to identifying potential fraud in the Affordable Care Act, better known as ObamaCare. And the question remains, what will be done to stop it? The report from the Government Accountability Office stops short of alleging widespread cheating in ObamaCare, but investigators say the Continue Reading

Obamacare enters final stages of collapse

Obamacare has cost the nation billions of dollars and continues to be the source of administrative headaches for government. And according to polling, very few Americans believe the president’s healthcare overhaul has been at all helpful to their situations. According to polling data out from National Public Radio and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, most Continue Reading

Government-Run Healthcare: Not-so-Great Moments

Government intervention has messed up the healthcare sector, leading to needlessly high prices and massive inefficiency. Fixing the mess won’t be easy since it would involve addressing several contributing problems, including Medicare, Medicaid, the healthcare exclusion in the tax code, Obamacare, and the mess at the Veterans Administration. But at least we know the right solutions. Continue Reading

ObamaCare: Numbers to know and numbers to show

President Obama accompanied by his sidekick, Joe Biden, spiked the football in the Rose Garden when he announced that 7.1 people had enrolled in his signature health insurance scam, the Affordable Care Act. But just saying the magic number doesn’t stop the questions about the composition and validity of the enrollees. Remember that there are Continue Reading

ObamaCare is the Biggest Insurance Scam in History

Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act is turning into the biggest insurance scam in American history. ObamaCare was supposed to insure the uninsurable and those that could not afford insurance. Instead, we are now seeing an unfolding disaster across America. The insurance companies who were supposed to benefit with increasing levels of customers helped to write Continue Reading

IRS still doing business with tax deadbeats

Who’s afraid of the taxman? Apparently, some of the vendors of IRS are not afraid of the nation’s taxman. A recent audit found that the IRS was owed about $589 million by 1,168 IRS vendors as of July 2012. When the nation’s tax collector cannot even collect taxes that are owed by its own vendors, can Continue Reading

The Costs of ObamaCare

Whoever said that no government program ever comes in at or under budget should get the Nobel Truth Prize. Anyone who expected the trainwreck called ObamaCare to come in on budget and on time needs to have their medication checked. Its time to count the cost of ObamaCare. Now that it has become clear that Continue Reading

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