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Is the IRS in over its head?

Apparently, the Internal Revenue Service is in over its head. Starting with their suppression of tea party groups and other conservative organizations back in 2009, it seems that their plate has been full. The IRS’ suppression swung the 2012 election to Obama, according to a number of observers. The IRS is so overwhelmed with tasks Continue Reading

ObamaCare=Fewer Doctors

While ObamaCare flounders through its first month we are seeing critics point out some serious issues with both the website and the program behind it. The most obvious issue is the non-functionality of the website itself. The several million who have seen their current policies being cancelled are beginning to panic. Even if they wanted Continue Reading

ObamaCare is a Prescription for Fraud

While Senators Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and their allies are waging what appears to be a hopeless fight in their attempt to defund ObamaCare, many of their Republican colleagues are stabbing them in the back in the anonymity of leaks and character assassination in the cloakrooms of the Senate. All of these attempts to allow Continue Reading

Will There Be Fraud With Obamacare’s Lack Of Income Verification?

As Obamacare’s startup date for the individual mandate approaches, the focus has become the lack of income verification for subsidies. Under new rules published by HHS federally operated exchanges still will verify such information beginning in 2014, but states operating their own exchanges can wait until 2015 to do so Under the Affordable Care Act, individuals Continue Reading

Big Brother Strikes Again: The Federal Data Services Hub

With a name as innocuous as the Federal Data Services Hub this intrusive NSA-like spying program has managed to fly under American’s radar up until now. But as we near the start of the individual mandate on October 1st it’s suddenly in the news. A report from the Government Accountability Office says that it will Continue Reading

Wasting Medical Dollars

The influential Institute of Medicine released a report yesterday that says the United States health care system is wasting $750 billion medical dollars a year, about 30 cents of every medical dollar. The Institute of Medicine, an arm of the National Academy of Sciences, is an independent organization that advises the government. The usual suspects are Continue Reading

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