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Virginia Farmer Hopes to Get Conservation Group Off Her Back

This is the harrowing story of one Virginia farmer who has gone through hell at the hands of the Piedmont Environmental Council, her county government’s officials and several of her neighbors. This story by Kevin Mooney was first published in The Daily Signal. Martha Boneta (Photo: Patrick Frank/Patchbay Media) Virginia farmer Martha Boneta’s desire to Continue Reading

Food stamp data is off-limits to taxpayers

Ever wonder how recipients are spending your tax money? What type of items are they buying? Are the items that they’re buying nutritious or are they using their benefits on tobacco, liquor or snack foods? Well, so did Watchdog.org filed a request to the Virginia’s Department of Social Services for the date, time, amount and location of Continue Reading

Adventures in Government Waste

American government at all levels has such an incredible way of wasting taxpayer’s money on programs and items that the mind boggles. Today, we’re going to look at government waste that will make you want to scream. First, let’s look at the Senate barber shop. Now you might wonder why the Senate has a taxpayer-subsidized Continue Reading

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