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Obama’s War on Whistleblowers

While the entire world has been focused on NSA leaker Edward Snowden the Obama administration has been carrying on a virtual war on whistleblowers from the first moments of the administration. Almost everything that they said that they would do, including closing the Guantanamo prison, promising not to employ lobbyists and increasing transparency has been Continue Reading

Lies Obama Told Us: Protecting Whistleblowers

There was a famous Broadway play entitles “Lies My Mother Told Me“. We now have a more modern adaptation from Barack Obama entitled “Lies Obama Told Us.” The current act in the so-far 4 1/2 year run concerns the once laudable goal of protecting whistleblowers that come forward in an attempt to shed light on Continue Reading

The Power of Whistleblowers

Whistleblowers are rare individuals. Simply put, they are individuals who believe that their country comes before their career. They point out abuses in government or private industry knowing that they may suffer extreme measures at the hands of their employer. There have been some notable whistleblowers in the last half century. One of the most Continue Reading

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